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LSV delivers the strong results that Owners require to meet their goals and increase overall project value. We cut through typical project delays and find new approaches to long-standing challenges. As Project Manager, we provide a comprehensive or "whole project" perspective that leads to improved schedule management, optimized resources, and integrated project performance. We assure that:

  • Projects are completed on time and within budgets.
  • Optimum quality is achieved within cost and schedule requirements.
  • Owners' interests are protected throughout the entire project progress.
We provide strong leadership and proven results in project management and construction services.

LSV is unique in its commitment to the Owner. We serve as his representative in the field, and protect his investment throughout the complex undertaking of a construction project. We are not compromised by conflicting interests. A General Contractor will have an additional profit motive when working on the project. An Architect will have an interest in the design he created. Our entire focus is on achieving project goals for the Owner.

LSV's approach to project management is as follows:

We emphasize:

  • Proactive planning throughout project development.
  • Integrated budget responsibilities and tracking
  • Critical path scheduling and phasing between work segments.
  • Clear contractual agreements.
  • Rigorous project controls.
  • Meticulous documentation.
  • Overall optimization of resources.
  • Maximum value to the owner.

With LSV, Owners are assured of a quality-built project with schedule, budget, safety, performance and stakeholder requirements all achieved.


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LSV Construction Project Management Services

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