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Client Testimonials

Your detailed design and constructability reviews cleaned up a design that, in my opinion was substandard. Your inspections and documentation during the construction phase assured the level of quality required as well as demonstrated to the contractor that there was no room for frivolous claims. - James L. Oberg, Director, US-Canada Border Service Center, Property Development (8PF)

The Government benefited tremendously from your in-depth knowledge of the lease requirements and construction industry standards, and from your attention to detail in inspections and in reviewing and commenting on multiple construction submittals...Your contributions ... resulted in either monetary savings and quality upgrades...your punchlist process was invaluable...and resulted in ... a building that met specifications. - Theresa Williams, Manager, Administrative Support, Department of Energy.

We found the level of expertise and knowledge provided to the be very professional and I believe it added significantly to the quality of the finished product. - James C. Woods, City Manager, City of Littleton

"Your commitment to the
Government's interests
relative to quality, cost and
time throughout your entire
scope of work contributed
greatly to the overall
success and completion of
the project."

"LSV was most cooperative, effective, efficient and pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with them again, and can recommend them highly."- Donald M. Culver, The Farm at Boulder Valley, Lafayette, CO

Your expert advice on hundreds of performance, pricing and quality issues was critical to the project. Your contributions in these areas often resulted in either monetary savings and/or quality upgrades. - Michael S. Hacskaylo, Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration

"I am especially impressed with their value engineering ability and foresight to recognize potential cost implication to the project and offer solutions to avoid the impact."

Their attention to all aspects of the project as not only saved PSCo thousands of dollars but also kept the project on schedule. - Charles Luna, Manager, Facilities Planning & Project Management. Public Service Company of Colorado

LSV expertise is very broad when it comes to a full service construction management firm and they do all of it very well. I not only hire them for construction management but also for pre-construction services which includes design review. - Tom Birlson, Project Manager, General Services Administration, Rocky Mountain Region

"The group of
individuals you
have had working on-site
have been a great asset not
only to me but also to the

"LSV Project Manager" is extremely thorough and has a great depth of understanding about construction documents, construction techniques, construction inspection, construction document reviews, and the many other areas of expertise required to accomplish the varied tasks. - William E. Dusenberry, Ph.D., Program Manager, Facility Planning and Development, National Wildlife Research Center

"I look forward to working
with LSV again and can
highly recommend them."

"LSV was diligent and assertive in protecting the interests
of the city with regard to the cost and on time project completion."

"I wish to commend and recommend LSV for your outstanding performance of construction management duties during the multi-million dollar project."- Donald E. Wuerz., P.E., City Engineer/Traffic Engineer, City of Commerce City, CO

"LSV is very good to work with. (LSV project manager) was the type of person you could talk to easily about the project or fees. We get a lot of bang for our buck with LSV"- Tom Birlson, Veterans Administration Building, Denver, CO


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