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Why do I need LSV on my project?

We help wade thru the myriad of complex details and coordination that is necessary when attempting to build a project. There are numerous opportunities for something to go wrong which results in cost overflows. We orchestrate the whole design, development & construction process. We plan, organize, direct and control the implementation of the process. We can help you determine if a project makes sense by looking at a site, developing a conceptual budget and doing a pro-forma analysis to determine feasibility. We can help you in every aspect of the project from determining original feasibility all the way thru to final construction punch list and move-in coordination.

Doesn't my architect do what you do?

No, Architects are trained to design a building. LSV manages the entire process for an Owner. LSV is a professional Project Management firm whose sole interest is to advise the owner, put the best team of professionals together, provide the best value to the owner and optimize the resources of money, time and quality. We understand design, construction and legal ramifications. LSV focuses on Management. Our Professionals understand Construction, Management Concepts and Financial Implication as well as design issues. Let the architect design the project but let LSV manage the project for the Owner.

Once I have an Architect design the project then all I need
is a contractor to build it right?

Not exactly. Construction is a very complicated process. The owner needs a Management Professional that understands some of the tricks of the trade and can be on the Owners side. We write detailed contracts and look out for the owners interests over the construction duration so the Owner doesn't pay for unnecessary change orders, delay claims and cost overruns. We make sure the project is built correctly with all the proper materials and in accordance with the Owner objectives.

Do I need a design first in order to determine cost?

No, LSV can put together a detailed estimate before any design has been developed just by sitting down with an Owner for an hour and determining what kind of building he has in mind and understanding needs and objectives. This initial estimate is very detailed so types and quantities of materials are identified and an Architect can use this detail to start his design. This estimate serves as a budget road map to stay within as the project develops.

Why haven't I heard of Owner Reps or Project Managers?

Most people are familiar with what Architects and Contractors do. But with our litigious environment and all the complex issues associated with a project, the Owner needs someone whose sole interest is to protect the Owner and be on his side. You have heard of Project Cost Overruns, Project Delays, Legal Tangles and Poor Quality of Construction. LSV will instruct the contractor in the field if deficiencies exist and be the Owner's eyes and ears. We document as necessary and protect the Owner every step of the way and optimize resources so the Owner gets maximum value on a project.

Why do I need someone to review the design of the Architect?

LSV performs constructability reviews and coordination reviews to eliminate unnecessary claims, change orders and cost overruns during construction. Claims often arise from misunderstanding with the contract documents. We will look at the drawing like a contractor and avoid the potential opportunity for problems in the future.

But doesn't the architect do this as part of his professional responsibility?

Yes, but he has been so involved in the design that he is too close to the design and knows his intent. Subconsciously he means well but you need another set of eyes to essentially proof read and make sure the drawing have been coordinated with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and site documents, etc. We will also look for value engineering suggestions that will save you money.

What size projects do you work on?

LSV has worked on small renovation projects from $500,000 to large mixed use development projects covering hundreds of acres and costing 100s of millions of dollars.

What regions do you serve?

Typically most of our work is along the front range of Colorado from Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins and Wyoming. However, many of our professionals and associates have worked on large projects around the world. If an exciting project exists and a client has a need for project management services LSV will go wherever our clients need us to go.

What kind of people work for LSV?

LSV is made up of management professionals. Many are registered Engineers, Architects and Construction Managers. Our people have worked in the past both in the office and out in the field for architectural firms, contractors, planners, engineers, general contractors, construction managers and developers. We have a broad range of professional talents. Our people understand the unique perspective of all the various individuals on a project team.

What if I only need a little bit of help?

No problem! We can help wherever your need exists. If you only need advice when considering the purchase and suitability of a piece of land or discussing the renovation possibilities of an existing building. We can review the design documents or just act as an on-site representative in the field during construction. Or we can just review the contracts and evaluate change orders that happen during construction. We are here to help as much and as little as you want.

What if I already have people in our organization that do this, such as a
facilities group, or specific project managers as part of my organization?

Again, no problem! Part of our mission statement is that LSV acts as an extension of an Owner's preexisting staff. We can help you where you feel your weaknesses may be. We don't have to take over and control your project but can integrate into your preexisting team.

How do you charge?

Our fees are set up in whatever structure best suits your organization. Once we determine a scope of services we can develop an overall fixed fee or come up with a fee as a percentage of the project cost. We can also work on an hourly bases up to a maximum preset amount. It all depends on how you are most comfortable.


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